The AVVA is committed to social change toward a vegetarian lifestyle which is free of animal products and animal testing in food, clothing, cosmetics, household products and other areas of consumption. The purpose of the AVVA is fourfold:

  1. To foster social contact for area vegetarians, provide mutual support for those choosing or desiring to lead a vegan lifestyle, and to be a forum for self-education and information exchange regarding subjects of interest to vegetarians;
  2. To support vegan and vegetarian eating establishments and to encourage non-vegetarian eating establishments to offer vegan and vegetarian menu items, and to support, advise and benefit other charities, organizations and businesses who work in, connect with or advance the vegan/vegetarian community;
  3. To be a vehicle for social activism on behalf of vegetarianism, including activism on behalf of animal rights, human health, world hunger, and the environment, and
  4. To offer public education and awareness regarding matters relating to vegetarianism, including but not limited to nutrition, cooking, lifestyle, and ethical and health matters.